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    ĐỀ THI HSG ANH 6 (07 - 08 )

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    Nguồn: ST
    Người gửi: Phan Thanh Tân (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 09h:45' 06-10-2010
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    A. Pronunciation : Choose the word having the underlined letters pronounced differently from the others 1. A. call B. fall C. shall D. wall 2. A. clown B. down C. own D. town 3. A. above B. glove C. love D. move 4. A. cow B. show C. know D. throw 5. A. clear B. dear C. hear D. pear 6. A. thank B. that C. this D. those 7. A. cost B. most C. post D. roast 8. A. arm B. charm C. farm D. warm 9. A. come B. home C. some D. none 10. A. cow B. now C. how D. show B.Vocabulary & grammar I. Choose the best answer 1. His lips aren’t full. They are_____ ( fat, weak, thin, long) 2. Lemonade, apple juice, soda and _____ are cold drinks ( beans, noodles, vegetables, iced tea) 3. We have English on Tuesday and on Saturday. We have it _____ a week ( once, twice, two times, three times) 4. Lan and Nam often listen to music in _____free time. ( your, his, her, their) 5. Mai doesn’t like playing soccer. She _____ plays soccer. ( always, usually, never, often) 6. He wants ____ an engineer. ( to be, being, be, is) 7. They would like some milk _____ dinner. ( in, at, for, of) 8. Minh often goes_____ in the mountains on the weekend. ( walking, travel, walk, to walk) 9. She listens to music _____ a week ( two days, always, twice, every ) 10. _____ I help you? Yes. I’d like some beef. ( Do, Am, Would, Can) II. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the verb in brackets 1. My sister always( wear) nice clothes for work. Today she (wear)........... a blue jacket and shirt 2. Why you (buy).............. so much food ? ~ Because we ( have) ..............a party tonight, 3. That film ( come)............... to the local cinema next week. You ( want)............ to see it? 4. It ( not rain ) ..........right now. The sun ( shine )................ and the sky is blue. 5. Alice ( not take) .................the bus to school every day. She usually ( walk).......... instead III. Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the word in brackets 1. There are four _____in my house. Bookshelf. 2. The photocopy is between the _____ and the drugstore. Bake 3. Is your brother an_____? act 4. Mai`s sister is a ______ sing 5. We must be ____ when we cross the road. care 6. This tree has a lot of green _____ leaf 7. Is your father a ______ ? business 8. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your ______ ? nation 9. Air ....... is a big problem in many cities in the world. pollute 10. Yoko is from Japan. She is _____ Japan IV. Find and correct the mistakes 1. My mother is going to the market with my 2. Mr. Minh rides his bike to work at the moment. 3. How many homework does Lan have every day? 4. The Browns are traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in train. 5. I`m twenty-one year old and I` m a student. 6. A lot of my friends play soccer, but not much of them play tennis. 7. Minh and his father are going to plant trees in the garden now. 8. Are they many students in your class? C. Reading I. Complete the passage. Fill in each gap with a suitable word given. finishes / are/ students/ has / big / in / yard / grade / on / street/ Here is a photo of my school. It’s a (1)_____ school. It is (2) ____ the city. It’s on Nguyen Hue (3) ____ . In my school, there is a big (4) ____ and there (5) ____ a lot of trees around it. My school (6) ____ three floors and forty classrooms with 1,700 (7) ____. My classroom is (8) ____ the second floor. I’m in (9) ____ 6, class 6A. Our class starts at 7.00 and (10) ____ at 11.30 II. Read the passage and then fill True(T) or False(
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